Helping decision-makers achieve a systems understanding of their markets.

Cain solves complex client challenges by treating them as parts of an overall system. We believe the component parts of a system can best be understood in the context of relationships with each other and with other systems, rather than in isolation. While we occasionally work with systems at organizational scale (within a company), our interest is to understand interdependencies at societal level. We invest time in observing the dynamics between public and private sectors, in exploring the grey areas in between business sectors.

We have witnessed again and again how failure to adopt a systems approach results in unintended consequences, how an improvement in one area can cause adverse effects in the entire system. As our understanding developed, we recognized a moral obligation to advocate systems thinking and to promote it to our clients – our aim is to help decision makers include this approach in their cognitive tool box.

This is why Cain offers a range of services dedicated to the promotion of systems understanding in decision-makers. We make it easier to research ecosystems, to engage in conversations with stakeholders of specific issues, and to innovate business models in answer to constantly changing economic realities. Finally, we organize one day seminars designed as platforms where they can connect with other decision-makers and together practice the skills and cultivate the habits of mind necessary to achieve a systems understanding of their markets.