Why we exist, whose interests we serve and how we create value.


We work primarily to increase the economic value of our clients' investments in hospitality projects. Measured in dollars and cents. Our proprietary decision-making process adds 3-5% points to a real estate IRR when implemented early in the development stage or during restructuring. Our methods are optimized for hotel & resort development, but work even better for mixed-use projects.


Cain is built on the principle that businesses have an ethical obligation to contribute to society. We work to prove a key idea: a company can be more profitable in the long-term if it adopts a clearly defined social purpose first, and then builds its entire business model around it. Our contribution to the community is to define, advocate and deliver entrepreneurial literacy.


We are mindful of how we use natural resources and how we impact the environment. Two types of strategies are in place. The first relates to the built environment: our financial feasibility studies are paired with technical feasibilities provided by our architect partners, each selected based on a track record that demonstrates ability to build sustainably. The second relates to the behavior of the people that inhabit these places. We recognize human behavior as the main source of waste and harm. And we incorporate in our hospitality concepts numerous behavioral nudges that encourage our guests and our employees to adopt more enlightened patterns of behavior.


We do things differently. Our decision-making process follows principles that are not usually encountered in hospitality consulting. We borrow tools from across disciplines. Great attention is given to stakeholder analysis, risk management, and value engineering at every stage in the lifecycle of an asset, leading to a successful exit strategy.